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A guideline that's worth flossing for!
Grading Schema
The following is a very generic guideline to each grade level that I have at my disposal. Not every review will fit these definitions perfectly, but they are still helpful for guiding a reviewer to a particular grade.
A+Think of this as 99.9% (because nothing's "perfect"). This represents a 'special' episode that perfectly captures the essence of CriticallyTouched's view of television at its best by having superb intelligence, emotion, and a pivotal lasting impact to the characters and/or series at large.
A95 - 99 A sharply written episode consisting of zero major mistakes. Usually develops characters in a meaningful manner and is a joy to watch on repeat viewings. Near perfect, but not quite there.
A-90 - 94 Everything that an 'A' possesses, but with either a few more mistakes or slightly less power. Generally represents great episodes that are a tiny bit rough around the edges.
B+85 - 89 Just misses the mark of excellence. Essentially, a great episode that's rough around the edges and/or slightly flawed. Extremely fun to watch.
B80 - 84 A bit flawed, but otherwise very good. There's a lot of intelligence, character relevance, and/or fun here, but a few nagging problems keep it from rising higher.
B-75 - 79 Flawed in some areas. Possibly lacking in character development and relevance or possessing a poor plot and/or villain. There's still a lot of good material mixed in with the mediocre.
C+70 - 74 The main plot is likely problematic and/or hokey, but sharp humor and/or character development and relevance keep it afloat. A couple moments may be over-the-top in a bad way.
C65 - 69 Noticeably flawed. The main plot is likely poor and/or hokey, but some chunks of character development and relevance make it worth watching.
C-60 - 64 Very flawed. Either the main plot is completely insulting or there's some out-of-characterness going on. Avoids falling into uselessness by way of some good character development and/or insight.
D50 - 59 Silly, useless plot. Poor execution of intended (if any) themes. No new important character development or insight. Offers no reason to bother rewatching it.
F0 - 49 Just plain awful. Completely failed at what it was trying to do. Might be painful to watch. The only points awarded are for tiny bits of humor and/or a character moment or two.

Note: Any episode graded greater than or equal to a C- is considered worth watching, usually because they at least have some quality character work, interesting themes, and/or provide lasting relevance.
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