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Season: 1
Season 1
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
1x01Pilot95 A19
1x02Beers and Weirs92 A-5
1x03Tricks and Treats88 B+8
1x04Kim Kelly Is My Friend A+15
1x05Tests and Breasts96 A3
1x06I'm with the Band80 B15
1x07Carded and Discarded74 C+5
1x08Girlfriends and Boyfriends93 A-7
1x09We've Got Spirit90 A-21
1x10The Diary95 A10
1x11Looks and Books A+7
1x12The Garage Door84 B4
1x13Chokin' and Tokin'92 A-6
1x14Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers98 A4
1x15Noshing and Moshing90 A-12
1x16Smooching and Mooching94 A-7
1x17The Little Things89 B+22
1x18Discos and Dragons A+17
Season 1 Review95 A12
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