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 Post subject: Re: A Series of Unfortunate Events
PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:47 am 
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Finally finished the show.

I have to say it really grew on me as I went. I was expecting a lot going in, and was slightly dissapointed, my appreciation for the show grew. This may have a little something to do with the fact that the child actors get better as the show goes on and seemingly really come into their own in the last two episodes. I also warmed up to Harris's Count Olaf over the course of the series, who seems to be a more menacing version of Carreys.

Obviously, the show isn't going to look as good as the film simply due to budget reasons and the fact that the movie was shot beautifully. However, I do think the show successfully found its own style that really worked. It struck a balance between campy and self-aware that really appeals to me and I think makes the show enjoyable for both children and adults.

My personal ranking is as follows.

The Miserable Mill > The Reptile Room > The Wide Window > A Bad Beginning

I may have simply liked The Miserable Mill so much because it broke the formula of the first three, but I think there are other factors. First off, the actors are at their best here. Lemony Snicket, who is the best part of the show, is also the most interesting, funny and at his best here. There are fourth wall breaks and comedy that rivals my second favorite episode. The twist works pretty well and I thought the ending was sublime. Particularly that ending song, which I found to be the saddest part of the whole show.

As for the others, I found The Reptile Room to be the funniest set. The Wide Window was pretty good, but a little boring here and there. A Bad Beginning isn't bad, just has the duty of carrying out a whole lot of exposition.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable show. I'll be tuning in for Season 2.

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