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A collection of tools to help you stay connected!
RSS Feeds
This feature will, by default, present you with all the comments posted today throughout every review. Also available is the ability to search for comments posted any numbers of days in the past. Although I recommend using the comments RSS feed even more, the Today's Comments page is a great tool to keep you up-to-date.
This feature will, by default, generate 5 random episodes for you, along with an average of how these episodes were scored. You can also change the number of generated episodes to whatever you want! This is a great tool for when you want to watch a few episodes but can't quite decide which ones to go with. Or, make a viewing party out of it with friends!
This feature will give you the power to find all of the episodes written or directed by the person (or people) you're searching for. The tool will also show you an average of how these episodes were scored here on the site! Use this for research, or for fun.
Ever gotten in a debate with another commenter and couldn't quite remember what they said in a different review? Well, this feature gives you the ability to pull up all the comments they have ever posted by their listed name.
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