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"Season 1 Review" | View Comments1 | mordcordyMar 17, 2011
lol you got a pic of xander on the Giles file.

Love your analysis mike as always and thanks for the cool S1 screencaps!
"Witch" | View Comments2 | mordcordyNov 15, 2010
Nice review mike.
but how could you miss out the Giles/Buffy exchange over the whole cheerleading outfit!! thats one of my fave teasers of all times! that should be a minor pro :D
"Get it Done" | View Comments3 | mordcordySep 1, 2010
I love the lighting used in the cave/shadowmen scene
"Restless" | View Comments4 | mordcordySep 1, 2010
when the first slayer feeds on willow, her face goes veiny before she 'dies'. how very cool to foreshadow us what willow will become.
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