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"Season 1 Review" | View Comments1 | DarknesLostprophetsMay 28, 2008
oh i throughly enjoyed hush i miss that out, forgive me for that, that was one of the best episodes for buffy, as it was totally different from anything previously done in the show. Something blue on the other hand humoured me but not to the extent that i would call it an memorable episode, its only popular due to the whole spike and buffy thing, dont get me started on the crapness of spike in the later buffy years as that will be a rant that will last 10 years! :P I do love spike dearly but i felt in the end of season 6 and throughout season 7, he was a weak loser, with him being depicted as the next angel, the whole vampire with a soul thing, he completely lost his edge of which made him so entertaining and addictive

On the note of the watching buffy from the beginning, didn't you at all feel obilivous to particular references of the past of which you never knew of, due the fact of not watching previous seasons? buffy is like a movie, and season 5 for me is like the second to end section of the movie, but thats just my opinion
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