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Season 1
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
1x01Welcome to the Hellmouth85 B+78
1x02The Harvest60 C-59
1x03Witch73 C+56
1x04Teacher's Pet33 F66
1x05Never Kill a Boy on the First Date78 B-47
1x06The Pack57 D70
1x07Angel90 A-64
1x08I Robot, You Jane40 F76
1x09The Puppet Show51 D69
1x10Nightmares72 C+33
1x11Out of Mind, Out of Sight76 B-36
1x12Prophecy Girl87 B+69
Season 1 Review74 C+82
Season 2
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
2x01When She Was Bad95 A70
2x02Some Assembly Required70 C+55
2x03School Hard93 A-65
2x04Inca Mummy Girl63 C-43
2x05Reptile Boy62 C-85
2x06Halloween94 A-59
2x07Lie to Me92 A-57
2x08The Dark Age74 C+40
2x09What's My Line? Pt. 179 B-49
2x10What's My Line? Pt. 283 B42
2x11Ted77 B-70
2x12Bad Eggs69 C53
2x13Surprise96 A57
2x14Innocence A+133
2x15Phases90 A-42
2x16Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered81 B128
2x17Passion A+165
2x18Killed by Death76 B-75
2x19I Only Have Eyes for You A+87
2x20Go Fish59 D73
2x21Becoming Pt. 189 B+66
2x22Becoming Pt. 2 A+207
Season 2 Review93 A-71
Season 3
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
3x01Anne80 B56
3x02Dead Man's Party60 C-114
3x03Faith, Hope, and Trick90 A-36
3x04Beauty and the Beasts80 B48
3x05Homecoming75 B-60
3x06Band Candy90 A-51
3x07Revelations95 A67
3x08Lover's Walk95 A48
3x09The Wish A+124
3x10Amends85 B+88
3x11Gingerbread70 C+92
3x12Helpless95 A81
3x13The Zeppo85 B+65
3x14Bad Girls70 C+61
3x15Consequences95 A40
3x16Doppelgangland95 A54
3x17Enemies70 C+79
3x18Earshot95 A49
3x19Choices90 A-44
3x20The Prom95 A60
3x21Graduation Day Pt. 190 A-44
3x22Graduation Day Pt. 2 A+122
Season 3 Review90 A-50
Season 4
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
4x01The Freshman80 B90
4x02Living Conditions75 B-46
4x03The Harsh Light of Day90 A-45
4x04Fear, Itself95 A44
4x05Beer Bad65 C76
4x06Wild at Heart90 A-58
4x07The Initiative85 B+39
4x08Pangs85 B+53
4x09Something Blue90 A-62
4x10Hush A+73
4x11Doomed60 C-60
4x12A New Man80 B54
4x13The I in Team80 B46
4x14Goodbye Iowa75 B-32
4x15This Year's Girl85 B+41
4x16Who Are You? A+55
4x17Superstar65 C49
4x18Where the Wild Things Are30 F84
4x19New Moon Rising90 A-61
4x20The Yoko Factor95 A56
4x21Primeval75 B-39
4x22Restless A+195
Season 4 Review84 B88
Season 5
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
5x01Buffy vs. Dracula85 B+72
5x02Real Me80 B57
5x03The Replacement90 A-34
5x04Out of My Mind80 B59
5x05No Place Like Home A+74
5x06Family75 B-81
5x07Fool for Love A+97
5x08Shadow80 B50
5x09Listening to Fear80 B41
5x10Into the Woods95 A132
5x11Triangle70 C+61
5x12Checkpoint90 A-63
5x13Blood Ties90 A-36
5x14Crush95 A91
5x15I Was Made to Love You85 B+55
5x16The Body A+106
5x17Forever90 A-56
5x18Intervention85 B+84
5x19Tough Love90 A-37
5x20Spiral75 B-80
5x21The Weight of the World90 A-44
5x22The Gift A+196
Season 5 Review95 A132
Season 6
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
6x01Bargaining Pt. 195 A67
6x02Bargaining Pt. 286 B+56
6x03After Life A+91
6x04Flooded82 B89
6x05Life Serial83 B74
6x06All the Way71 C+61
6x07Once More, with Feeling A+165
6x08Tabula Rasa85 B+90
6x09Smashed89 B+72
6x10Wrecked62 C-103
6x11Gone65 C70
6x12Doublemeat Palace72 C+74
6x13Dead Things A+160
6x14Older and Far Away71 C+77
6x15As You Were73 C+93
6x16Hell's Bells84 B55
6x17Normal Again A+133
6x18Entropy90 A-79
6x19Seeing Red91 A-126
6x20Villains96 A89
6x21Two to Go86 B+51
6x22Grave90 A-74
Season 6 Review89 B+296
Season 7
No. Episode Title Score Grade Comments
7x01Lessons82 B87
7x02Beneath You84 B106
7x03Same Time, Same Place87 B+53
7x04Help76 B-69
7x05Selfless A+139
7x06Him75 B-69
7x07Conversations with Dead People A+98
7x08Sleeper90 A-60
7x09Never Leave Me91 A-60
7x10Bring on the Night80 B74
7x11Showtime61 C-78
7x12Potential73 C+73
7x13The Killer in Me50 D73
7x14First Date78 B-77
7x15Get it Done87 B+92
7x16Storyteller92 A-68
7x17Lies My Parents Told Me A+208
7x18Dirty Girls86 B+60
7x19Empty Places64 C-246
7x20Touched95 A139
7x21End of Days72 C+124
7x22Chosen91 A-250
Season 7 Review85 B+220
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