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"Mary Tyler Moore: A Trailblazer Onscreen and Off" | View Comments1 | buffyholicJan 28, 2017
What a wonderful article. I knew about Mary Tyler Moore but I´ve never watched her show until now. I came across "Chuckles bites the dust" and I was laughing so hard I almost cried and a few days later, I saw that episode and the next one "Mary´s Delinquent" and was so good. I now wanna watch the entire series because I feel it´s a different breed from what we see nowadays in comedies or sitcoms.

btw, you forgot to mention Sue Ann, another character on the show, played by Betty White.
"The 20 Best TV Shows of 2016" | View Comments2 | buffyholicDec 25, 2016
Good list although I´m a bit behind on my shows. But I agree on The Americans. I´m starting season 2 of Agent Carter now and I´m gonna start iZombie and Person of Interest. I´m gonna give another try with "Orange is the New Black" but the rest, I don´t watch them. They´re on my "wait list". :)
"Charmless Television: Disliking Everything" | View Comments3 | buffyholicMar 28, 2016
We didn´t Used to be Friends: Disliking Veronica Mars.

Whenever I´m having a bad day, I´m coming here.
"Bottle Month: Breaking Bad's "Fly"" | View Comments4 | buffyholicJan 6, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#5)
Great article, Jeremy. And before delving into the episode itself, I just wanna say that I agree with what you said in the beginning about how some people seem too "snobby" in their shows or even movies. I had a lot of people and still have some telling me that what they watch is good and very intellectual while I just watch some fluffy thing.

Fly is an episode of extremes, I think. You either love or hate it but I guess I´m in the middle. Very interesting episode and it was great watching everyting unfold but still, and I can´t quite put my finger on what it is, the episode is a bit uneven and off. I mean, I love character episodes but there´s something here missing.

But the conversation between both of them about family, choices and loyalty is very, very good.

Season Three is turning out to be freaking amazing!
"The Five Biggest Letdowns of the Season" | View Comments5 | buffyholicJun 3, 2015
I really think "The Simpsons" should end by now. It´s one of those shows that I like to watch every now and then but not in high doses.
"The Five Biggest Letdowns of the Season" | View Comments6 | buffyholicJun 2, 2015
For me, the problem is not being too dark. The problem is that it didn´t have a focus. Season 1 had Oliver eliminating people from his list, season 2 had Slade Wilson and Sarah (the first half of the second season is freaking amazing and I totally love it) but this season, we have boring flashbacks, not boring but not very relevant, Sarah´s murder arc and various storylines and fillers who don´t really matter and Felicity who this season is nowhere close to the past two and she seems to cry a lot too. This season is all over the place and not as exciting and also, Arrow has accostumed us to a certain level and if that level isn´t reached, we´re bound to be a bit disappointed.

btw, don´t ask me why but I had a dream about this discussion last night and as a result, I´m gonna start posting my thoughts on my S3 viewing on a new thread I´m gonna post. I´m still on episode 10 but this season has already proven that it´s weaker than the previous two.
"The Five Biggest Letdowns of the Season" | View Comments7 | buffyholicJun 1, 2015
Sorry but "Draw back your Bow" is worse than all of the bad or just ok episodes of season 1.

Season 1 took a while to find its footing but it has a focus while season 3 (I´m still in episode 10, though) does not have one, it has a lot of storylines that don´t help the season and the characters seem to be wandering without much purpose. It lost its identity,
"The Five Biggest Letdowns of the Season" | View Comments8 | buffyholicJun 1, 2015
I´m only on episode 10 of Arrow but boy, this season is a bit of a mess. Personally, I feel that its popularity has hurt the season and I kinda feel the show has dumbed down just to attract more viewers but unfortunately, it weakened its quality. Too many superheroes, too many storylines for my taste and the show lost its identity a bit. Also, I read that season 4 is gonna have a lighter tone. So, be prepared to adjust your expectations!

On Good Wife, I´ve read some similar comments to yours but I´m only in season 3.
"The Best Shows of the Lustrum (Part 3)" | View Comments9 | buffyholicMay 27, 2015
Hannibal - Going through season 1 and it´s amazing and yes, sometimes, it´s hard to stomach especially with a haunting and tense soundtrack. But it´s incredibly fascinating.

Friday Night Lights - Fantastic show and I only need to watch season 5 to finish the series.

The Good Wife - I´m currently on season 3.

Breaking Bad - I love this and I´m also watching season 3.

Parks and Recreation - Heard of it and will watch it once I have more time.
"The Best Shows of the Lustrum (Part 2)" | View Comments10 | buffyholicMay 26, 2015
Enlightened - Never saw it.

Mad Men - I agree that this is a really great show with good writing and even though it´s a bit overrated (in my opinion) it deserves praise but I just don´t like it, Why? Nothing pulls me in, not even the characters. I don´t find anything or anyone to root for and I find everything so cold.

Bob´s Burgers - Never saw it.

Arrow - I love it but as of late (season 3), the show has been weakening and losing its identity. I love season 1 but nothing so far beats the awesomeness of the first half of season 2.

Community - Heard of it, never saw it.
"The Best Shows of the Lustrum (Part 1)" | View Comments11 | buffyholicMay 25, 2015
Better late than never, right?

30 Rock - Granted, I only saw one or two episodes but I gotta say that I just didn´t find it funny. Maybe I will watch it when I have the time.

Sherlock - I may be the only person who doesn´t like Sherlock. I just find everything so cold and impersonal.

Orphan Black - Freaking amazing. I just started season 2.

Nikita - I love Nikita and yes, season 3 is very uneven but the characters are fantastic, complex and human. Season 2 is fantastic and even better than season 1. These characters are complex, human and interesting.And I´ll add that the relationship Nikita/Alex is the best and one of the highlights of season 1.

The Legend of Korra - Never saw it, sorry.
"The Best Shows of the Lustrum: Introduction" | View Comments12 | buffyholicMay 23, 2015
Creepy little voice? I wonder how it sounds like. :)

So,[finally], I´m gonna read these articles. I know I´m very late to the party but work has been non-stop and hey, better late than never.

Can´t wait to read it!
"The Other Orphan Black Article" | View Comments13 | buffyholicOct 8, 2014
Great article.

Just watched the pilot a few days ago and I was blown away. Interesting, great characters and a great Tatiana Maslany.
"Get Onboard: Orphan Black" | View Comments14 | buffyholicOct 2, 2014
I´m a little late but nice article, mike.

I´m going to start watching it now, by the way. Like I said, I´m almost always a bit late because almost everyone has seen this show, I bet, but I´m gonna watch it only now.

I´ll let you know if I like it, mike.
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