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"Mary Tyler Moore: A Trailblazer Onscreen and Off" | View Comments1 | Flamepillar112Jan 28, 2017
Replying to buffyholic (#4)
:D That's one of my favorite childhood shows. You're going to enjoy it a lot.
"Mary Tyler Moore: A Trailblazer Onscreen and Off" | View Comments2 | Flamepillar112Jan 26, 2017
I'm very glad you posted this. It says it in the opening title of her titular show: She turned the world on with her smile. RIP :(
"The 20 Best TV Shows of 2016" | View Comments3 | Flamepillar112Dec 21, 2016

Your list sits very fine with me, especially the #1 spot, and that "Fish out of Water" is the best episode of the year. I'd also say "That's Too Much Man!" was one of the top 5 of the year, if not the #2 spot.

Oh, and Agent Carter (Daredevil, get your life together), Kimmy Schmidt (stellar second season), Atlanta (Donald Glover for the win), American Crime, Orange is the New Black, People vs OJ, Better Call Saul, and Broad City making your list makes me feel better about my tv watching. Plus, Person of Interest and Crazy Ex Girlfriend are next on my hit list.
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments4 | Flamepillar112Nov 20, 2016
Replying to B (#24)
As long as we're talking spinoffs better than the original, I can think of a few more. Daria (allegedly), Frasier, TNG, DS9, and of course, The Simpsons!
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments5 | Flamepillar112Nov 15, 2016
Replying to J.C. (#21)
I feel ya. Even though I haven't been on this site very long, I also feel burned out on discussing BTVS, and to a lesser extent, Angel, though I think it's partly because the bulk of the discussion was had years before I joined

Jeremy, the new banner pic looks great.
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments6 | Flamepillar112Nov 11, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#14)
Perhaps the end of "Heartthrob"? Or the one Iguana used in his "Not Fade Away" review. Or perhaps the gang hanging out together or something.
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments7 | Flamepillar112Nov 11, 2016
Replying to Boscalyn (#12)
I'm going to assume you're referring to Angel, the series, not the character. There are some very iffy occurrences in Angel like the numerous mystical pregnancies (if you ask me it's just bad writing, but whatever), but Darla's death is not one of them. I don't think it's rushed at all, she had served her purpose on the show. The only reason it was pushed to the beginning of Season 3 was because of Julie Benz's weird schedule, something that wasn't really in their control. Darla sacrifices herself for her son because she feels love for the first time in hundreds of years, if ever. That's not sexist, that's admirable. The mystical pregnancy thing was a bad plot device, but what her death means is more important than the way she died.
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments8 | Flamepillar112Nov 11, 2016
I don't like "You're Welcome" that much. :/
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments9 | Flamepillar112Nov 10, 2016
Replying to FV (#8)

I'm going to stick with a resounding 'yes' on this one. I consider the true death of Cordelia to be in "You're Welcome", which gives her the sendoff she deserves, is her final episode, and is the episode which she technically dies. I do like "Hero: a fair bit more than you, but I still agree it's far from perfect. However, Doyle's death I thought was the best part of the episode, as it gave a satisfying arc in a very short run of episodes. There weren't any major deaths in the mid seasons. but I felt Darla's in Season 3 and Holland Manner's in Season 2 were extremely well handled. I liked Darla's because it gave her a chance to do one good act before she died, and Holland's because it was a freaking shocking moment, and Angel's not let off the hook for it. Even Tina's death in "City Of" felt like it mattered. But they also killed off half the entire cast, and those were even more affecting and meaningful.

I think Buffy did a pretty good job of killing characters as well, except I wouldn't say there was one that hit me in the gut on a personal level. Jenny's death was heartbreaking, but because of what it meant for Giles. Same goes for Joyce's death, only with Buffy. Tara's was so freaking rushed it felt like an afterthought. It had still only just sunk in by the time Willow's big arc at the end was done.

The only one I didn't feel was well expertly handled was Lilah's, which felt a bit rushed.
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments10 | Flamepillar112Nov 9, 2016
Haha, could've fooled me. I was starting to feel dirty for having it in my favorite shows list.

You make a fair point. I hate both Joey and Joey, and I think that's one of the 2 things in the entire universe that I agree with Bosc on (the other being that "Won't Get Fooled Again" is the best Farscape episode).
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments11 | Flamepillar112Nov 9, 2016
Replying to Boscalyn (#1)
This article almost makes me excited to start up Angel Season Four.

Get on that Bosc!
"How "Angel" Perfected the Art of the Spinoff" | View Comments12 | Flamepillar112Nov 9, 2016
Jeremy, there is nothing that uplifts me more than reading a Critically Touched article about the Buffy or Angel (as long as it's not written by Bosc ;) ), article that actually praises Angel? Holy crap. :D:D:D:D

Oh, also one other thing Angel did extremely well besides perfect the spinoff formula was kill off characters. Each time, it felt like it mattered, and it was handled with skill and grace, way before Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

2 Ps's. 1-I did not enjoy Joey in any capacity. 2-I will never stop being salty that they cancelled Angel in the midst of its best run of episodes, in fact one of the best run of episodes I've ever seen. Curses!
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments13 | Flamepillar112Oct 9, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#34)
Gotcha. I have heard and remembered that Season 7 of DS9 isn't perfect. I think it could have been better if the whole season was serialized.
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments14 | Flamepillar112Oct 9, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#32)
Yes, definitely. That final stretch was incredible. Especially the final 2 episodes. I just find it very admirable when a show can still fire on all cylinders 7 years in.

Back to my other post, how do Season 7 of the two shows match up? (That's what I was trying to say before, but for some reason couldn't type properly).
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments15 | Flamepillar112Oct 9, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#30)
Oooooh, oops. I meant to say 'the only drama series with a consistently great 7th Season, without showing signs of fatigue'.
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments16 | Flamepillar112Oct 8, 2016
Jeremy, I recall a forum post in which you stated that the only drama series you watched before Deep Space 9 was The West Wing. how would you say season seven of Deep Space 9 measures up to the west wing?
"The Best Shows of the Lustrum (Part 2)" | View Comments17 | Flamepillar112Aug 27, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#20)
I don't need Hulu to watch Seinfeld. I own every season on DVD. I would look on the bright side, but a large portion of the best shows of the year are HBO shows. At least Netflix has "Person of Interest".
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments18 | Flamepillar112Aug 21, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#27)
I wish more shows did that. Standalones stories almost always result in a mixed bag. However, a tightly paced season with no fluff or filler is the right way to go.
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments19 | Flamepillar112Aug 21, 2016
Lwaxana never existed.
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments20 | Flamepillar112Aug 21, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#24)
Well, then, why don't they just not make 26 episodes a season? Ugh. You're right though. Just ignore "Shades of Grey", and it will go away.
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments21 | Flamepillar112Aug 21, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#22)
It really is! Due to almost every Star Trek show having an uncomfortably high number of misses, there are countless Trek skip guides, none of which are as thorough as yours. I'm definitely going to use this guide when I watch DS9 again, which will be soon. If only I had known to skip "Muse" the first time around........Even in the best Star Trek Seasons (3 and 6 of TNG, and the later seasons of DS9), there's usually a couple episodes where you just have to ask yourself how the hell this thing was ever approved on television. Or, in the case of TNG season 7, the majority of the season is like that.
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments22 | Flamepillar112Aug 21, 2016
You've created easily the best Star Trek skip guide on the internet by the way. Great job.
"The Best Shows of the Lustrum (Part 1)" | View Comments23 | Flamepillar112Aug 21, 2016
30 Rock-My least favorite of the 4 NBC sitcoms that aired on Thursday nights, but still a really good smart comedy (Parks and Rec, The Office, Community, 30 Rock)


Orphan Black-Great 1st season, kind of shit 2nd season. So meh overall.

Nikita-Never heard of it.

Korra-I don't like it as much as its predecessor, because there was too much padding.
"The Best Shows of the Lustrum (Part 2)" | View Comments24 | Flamepillar112Aug 21, 2016
Enlightened-Never saw it (because HBO sucks)

Mad Men-excellently written show that deserves its place here, but it doesn't really connect with me.

Bob's Burgers-Hell yeah.

Arrow-Yes (if you only count the lustrum)


There are so many HBO shows I'd watch if they'd just put some of them on Netflix or Hulu! Of course, they put them all on Amazon Prime, the one streaming service I don't have. Curses!
"The Five Biggest Letdowns of the Season" | View Comments25 | Flamepillar112Aug 5, 2016
I noticed that, but they were great moments in the first part of the season as well. The episode where everybody starts drinking, the one where Chang is Mr. Myagi, the paintball episode, the one with the attack ad, the outstanding finale, and I personally really enjoyed the RV episode. About the characters, I agree, but with all the insane shit in Season 4 and cast member departures, I think they did the best with what they had. There are also great meta jokes in season six, particularly Chang's "frankly, I haven't been well utilized since!", and Dan Harmon's monologue at the end.

My opinions on the seasons are as follows: 2 is downright phenomenal, 1 and 3 are great, 5 and six are very good, with some truly great episodes in there, and 4 is mediocre up until the finale, which is fucking awful, and kind of ruins the season. Still not as bad as the office season eight.
"The Five Biggest Letdowns of the Season" | View Comments26 | Flamepillar112Aug 5, 2016
You are so so wrong about Dean Pelton.

"Well, you can't make me NOT cry!" Also I disagree with your criticisms of season six in general. I think it was one of the strongest seasons of the show, behind the first two seasons and maybe behind season three as well, by just a tad. Aside from a midseason slump, I laughed pretty consistently hard at the season, the new characters worked great, and the finale rivals parks and rec's "One Last Ride". I wouldn't be averse to a seventh season, but I wouldn't complain either because it's been a damn great run. Every season besides 4 is a strong sitcom season, and each has some of the best sitcom episodes ever produced-Season one has modern warfare, season two has too many to name, season three has remedial chaos theory, season five has cooperative polygraphy, and season six has emotional consequences of broadcast television.

Also replying to my earlier post as Ben Edlund, angel season six had so much potential. The fact that it went out on a high note just angers me more. They didn't cancel the show when it jumped the shark hard in season four, they instead cancel it just when it's getting back to its creative peak? Poppycock. And the fact that they canceled it because of a simple misunderstanding.....GGGRRRAAAHHHH!!!!!
"Top 25: The Best TV Shows of 2015" | View Comments27 | Flamepillar112Jul 29, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#22)
It's on Hulu I think. It's only 6 episodes long. You should definitely check it out if you get the chance.
"Top 25: The Best TV Shows of 2015" | View Comments28 | Flamepillar112Jul 27, 2016
Did you happen to see the HBO miniseries Jinx on HBO? I saw the majority of your list and agree with it, but I did notice that one glaring omition. Keep up the great work Jeremy!
"Bottle Month: Homicide's "Three Men and Adena"" | View Comments29 | Flamepillar112Jul 25, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#9)
I still need to watch every show on your 'favorite shows' list. Next up: The West Wing!
"Bottle Month: Homicide's "Three Men and Adena"" | View Comments30 | Flamepillar112Jul 25, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#7)
I'd watch it if it were on Netflix.
"Bottle Month: Homicide's "Three Men and Adena"" | View Comments31 | Flamepillar112Jul 25, 2016
Interesting picks for your favorite bottle episodes. My 5 favorites would be:

Community: "Cooperative Calligraphy"
Breaking Bad: "Fly"
Doctor Who: "Midnight"
Firefly: "Objects in Space"
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: "Duet"
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments32 | Flamepillar112Jul 15, 2016
Replying to Boscalyn (#16)
Well, what about....



I know! What about "Kir'Shira"?
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments33 | Flamepillar112Jul 14, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#12)
I barely remember season one, except that the final two episodes were very good. Season two must watch episodes: "The Child", "Where Silence has Lease", "Elementary Dear Data", "A Matter of Honor", "The Measure of a Man", "Contagion", "Time Squared", "Pen Pals", "Q Who", "Emissary", and "Peak Performance". The only reason I put "The Child" in there was for continuity. Same with "Emissary". Though I'm only five episodes into my season three re-watch, right out the gate I notice a huge difference in writing quality :).
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments34 | Flamepillar112Jul 14, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#8)
I'm re-watching TNG right now. So far in Season 3, "Evolution", "Survivors", and " Who watches the watchers" are skippable, but if you're a big trek fan like you or me, I think you'll enjoy them.
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments35 | Flamepillar112Jul 13, 2016
Replying to Jeremy G. (#3)
I think TNG has the best ratio of good-to-crap episodes of any Star Trek show (Season 3 and onward of course). I don't use skip guides that much. I think the only episodes I skipped were a few season one episodes and shades of grey from season two. I didn't skip any in this show. Been a while since I saw Deep Space 9 but I'm sure this list is accurate :).
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Wormhole Version" | View Comments36 | Flamepillar112Jul 12, 2016
Omg. Jeremy you're amazing for covering Star Trek. Huge Trekkie over here. I have to ask, why is DS9 the best? TNG always struck me as the clear winner.

(Also, thank you for apologizing to Firefly and BattleStar Galactica.)
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