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[Television] By Jeremy G., posted Jan 25, 2017

There are few moments in the history of television as iconic as the one which caps off the intro to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

In this moment, we watch Mary Richards, the character played by the titular actress, as she gazes in wonder at the bustling urban sights of Minneapolis. She twirls around, a huge smile on her face. Then, in one fluid motion, she pulls off her cap and tosses it in t... read more

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[Other] By Jeremy G., posted Dec 30, 2016

If you've spent a fair deal of time around the Internet, chances are you've gotten into the occasional online discussion. And if you've gotten into the occasional online discussion, chances are you've gotten into the occasional online… debate. Welcome to the club, my friend. Debating topics which interest us is what the Internet is made for. (I mean, apart from all that porn and stuff.) It can ... read more

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[Film] By Jeremy G., posted Dec 27, 2016

Though I do watch and write about television quite a bit, I'm not much when it comes to filmgoing. I enjoy TV largely for its longevity, which allows viewers to get to know characters and environments, bit by bit, over (hopefully) extended periods of time. Film, on the other hand, usually constitutes a one-and-done deal, so I find myself less willing to put in the effort of serious investment.

Bu... read more

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[Television] By Jeremy G., posted Dec 20, 2016

How do you define "Peak TV"?

At the forefront, the term refers to the fact that there have never been as many shows on American television as there are right now. (Close to 500 shows aired – either on television or one of the Internet's numerous streaming sites – at some point in the past year.) Peak TV is also, as of this writing, the perfect representation of human mortality. Why don't we h... read more

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[Television] By Jeremy G., posted Nov 9, 2016

Television, as the current deluge of shows across broadcast, cable, and the Internet can attest, is quite the hungry beast, constantly in need of new ideas to freshen and sustain a year-round schedule. And with millions of dollars at stake each time a new series premieres, it's understandable that network executives would be skeptical about trying ideas that stray too far from the cultural norms.... read more

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[Television] By Jeremy G., posted Jul 12, 2016

Life feels pretty short, doesn't it? There's never enough time to go all the places we see, or meet all the people we want to meet, or watch all the TV shows we want to watch. That last fact is especially heartbreaking, but it's true: there's just too much great television, and not enough time to consume it all.

And that's a problem when it comes to some less-touted great shows… such as Star... read more

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[Television] By Jeremy G., posted May 15, 2016

I like the fifth season of Justified.

I know plenty of people find it to be dull and disappointing. I know it's considered by many to be the major sore spot in what is otherwise one of this decade's most beloved dramas. But I like it.

Okay, let me clarify: When I say I like the fifth season of Justified, I mean that I like it roughly the same amount as most of the other seaso... read more

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[Television] By Jeremy G., posted Apr 4, 2016

Late last November, Netflix released the entire first season of Jessica Jones, its newest Marvel Comics-based series, for public viewing. That same day, Amazon Prime unveiled the full premiere season of The Man in the High Castle to any and all of its subscribers. Ever the diligent viewer, I consumed The Man in the High Castle over the weekend, and plowed through Jessica J... read more

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[Television] By Jay, posted Mar 31, 2016
"Computers aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing." - Joe

"Screw the dance. I want to change the music." - Cameron

Nostalgia has long been something that I've had a vexed relationship with. Being that our culture is so reliant upon it for the production of new material, there's a desire to see what one is familiar with validated as worth rem... read more

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[Television] By Jeremy G., posted Mar 24, 2016

I don't enjoy reducing my life to simple declarations. Many people I know have a motto, a line by which they live their life – but I've never been content with compressing the essence of my goals/views/emotions down to a single statement. (This may explain why I constantly find myself changing my signature over on the forums.) A large part of this can be attributed to my ever-increasing need to... read more

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