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Recommended sites that are... kinda awesome!
Recommended Sites

Critically Touched: Buffy - A Buffy the Vampire Slayer review site exactly like this one, but written by the creator, developer, and administrator of Mikelangelo "MikeJer" Marinaro.

Whedonesque - A more efficiently run Joss machine than you can comprehend. It features constant updates about cast and various shady associates from all of shows in the Whedonverse, as well as any significant or related news. It even has occasional visits from the man himself.

ChosenTwo - This site offers a great episode/character/writer guide, a host of quotes and a decent grading system as well as the most detailed episode summaries you're going to find anywhere.

All Things Philosophical - Never mind the site design, this is a fascinating place. It doesn't feature reviews, but looks at the metaphysics and morality of most every episode in the series as well as giving fan and editor viewpoints on characters, motivations and plots. A must-view for any fan.

Screencap Paradise - This is where I get most of my screen captures if I don't get them myself. It has a mind-boggling amount for most episodes and the quality is primo.

Angel Screencaps Gallery - Another capture site. It's not quite as expansive as Screencap Paradise, but has some great character emphasis in its catalogue and features every episode.

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