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Welcome to Critically Touched! Originally hosted over at SuperJer.com with what began as a one man's desire to unleash his unique perspective on the brilliant television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mikelangelo "MikeJer" Marinaro (that would be me) then got his own domain to create, develop, administrate, and launch Critically Touched.

This is a site that delivers quality retrospective reviews/analysis for quality shows, all of which are built on the pillars of Depth, Emotion, Character, and Plot. Most reviews you'll find elsewhere only skim the surface layer of the 'text.' Our goal here is to really dig deep into the themes, characters, and subtleties that bring a piece of fiction to life, while also always appreciating it for its surface-level fun. It's the balance and blend of these aspects -- intelligence, emotional resonance, and fun -- that turns a piece of entertainment into something that transcends its format. This is where Critically Touched lives and is even where the name comes from.

Each reviewer goes through a thorough interview process in which they are screened for passion, insight, skill, sanity, dedication, and overall intelligence. If you have any problems with a reviewer and/or questions, comments, or trouble with the functionality of any site on the network, please feel free to e-mail me at mikejer[at]criticallytouched[dot]com. To contact the writer of an individual site, just click on their name wherever it appears to go to their profile page.

I, as well as all the reviewers writing for Critically Touched, very much hope you enjoy all the passion, time, effort, sweat, and tears put into the development, design, and content of this network. My hope is that Critically Touched continues to grow over time and that it eventually becomes a bustling place for friendly yet intelligent discussion of television's greatest offerings. Thanks for helping make that possible by stopping by! :D

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