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[Blog] Jeremy G., posted March 24, 2015 (Tuesday) @ 8:59pm PDT

Greetings, lower individual. My name is Bertrand, and I grant you permission to address me as such. I further grant you permission to prove me wrong (although I assure you that's not even a remotely possible occurrence) in my saying that I am intellectually superior to you. Don't have an argument in response? I though as much.

Let's dispense with ... read more

[Dekalog] guttersnipe, posted March 19, 2015 (Thursday) @ 1:38pm PDT
"The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason." - TS Eliot

One of the things that impresses me most about Dekalog is how the elliptical format of the show allows the audience to spend time questioning which directive is in play. When I first watched "III", and without the benefit of ... read more

[Dekalog] guttersnipe, posted March 5, 2015 (Thursday) @ 1:49pm PST
"A private faith that does not act in the face of oppression is no faith at all." - William Wilberforce

Having established his MO with ["1x01"], Kieslowski immediately set out to widen the frontiers of his project with a story that's less about tangible Biblical punishment for breaking one of the Commandments, and more about people... read more

[West Wing] Jeremy G., posted March 1, 2015 (Sunday) @ 7:40pm PST
"He's a curmudgeon. A grouchy old crank." – Bartlet

"The Stackhouse Filibuster" is an episode so sly and savvy that one may not latch onto the sheer extent of its craftiness until a third or fourth viewing. And repeated viewings of this episode are well worth it – not merely to further enjoy the general content, but to realize... read more

[Dekalog] guttersnipe, posted February 19, 2015 (Thursday) @ 1:48am PST
"Scepticism is the beginning of Faith." - Oscar Wilde

Many film directors are somewhat contemptuous of television as a medium and are accordingly loathe to operate within its confines, or perhaps merely use it as a career springboard to attain recognition in order to reach the Silver Screen.

In 1989, and perhaps even now, it was e... read more

[Film] Jeremy G., posted February 15, 2015 (Sunday) @ 6:44am PST
"You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty." – The Emperor

Taken at its simplest level, Mulan is a well-made and highly entertaining animated feature based off an ancient Chinese legend. Taken at a deeper level, it's a telling story about family duty and the preservation of honor. But at its most intricate, Mulan... read more

[Twin Peaks] Jay, posted February 13, 2015 (Friday) @ 4:04pm PST

The addition of Robert Engels to the writing staff completes The High Triumvirate of Twin Peaks Scribes who, in and of themselves, were credited with all of season one and all but eight episodes of season two. The remaining eight were split amongst three other writers, whereas on the directing side, it was uncommon for any non-Lynch to get more t... read more

[West Wing] Jeremy G., posted February 8, 2015 (Sunday) @ 7:37pm PST
"The wolf is always at the door." – Don Henley

It pretty much goes without saying that the six-episode stretch which caps off Season Two is one of the most game-changing periods in The West Wing's history. We're heading towards yet-uncharted territory, and things will not be what Bartlet and his staff consider "normal" fo... read more

[West Wing] Jeremy G., posted February 1, 2015 (Sunday) @ 5:39pm PST
"You've been the king of whatever room you walked into her entire life." – Dr. Griffith

Well, we've arrived at what is probably the weakest episode of the whole second season. (Though given that, as I've stated, the second season has no bad episodes, that's a pretty light criticism.) "Ellie" is an episode with some good ideas, so... read more

[West Wing] Jeremy G., posted January 25, 2015 (Sunday) @ 6:32am PST
"…and in the process, we hope the people force us to do good things." – Bartlet

If you sat down with another West Wing fan and asked them to name their favorite Season Two episodes, chances are you'll get a rather unsurprising list. Most will mention the two-part premiere, ["2x10"], and ["2x18"] (though some may go for br... read more

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