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[WEST WING] Posted January 19, 2017 (Thursday) -Jeremy G.

"What are we doing here, sir?" – CJ

The West Wing was designed to be subversive. Where the real world seemed harsh and cynical, the show would find warmth and buoyancy. Where real politicians could look dumb and cruel, the series gave us people who were sharp and fun. Whenever the world zigged, The West Wing gleefu... read more

[WEST WING] Posted January 17, 2017 (Tuesday) -Jeremy G.
"We don't glorify ourselves." – Josh

Okay, let me preface this: "Constituency of One" is not the worst episode of Season Five. It is not the worst-written, it does not feature the worst concept, and it isn't even the most boring. No, the episodes with those labels are all still to come.

However, "Constituency of One" does bear o... read more

[WEST WING] Posted January 12, 2017 (Thursday) -Jeremy G.
"Wake me when we have a consensus." – Bartlet

"Han" is one of those episodes that gets glossed over by many West Wing fans, and is often written off as just another disposable Season Five outing. This, I would assert, is unfair – "Han" is one of the few Season Five episodes that succeeds on both an intellectual and emot... read more

[WEST WING] Posted January 10, 2017 (Tuesday) -Jeremy G.
"It appeals to Dad. You know, hope and irony." – Zoey

Whenever I start reviews on a new West Wing season, I usually begin by defining that season's overarching theme. Defining a theme allows me to set a tone for that season's reviews, and helps me build on previous ideas when writing about each new episode.

Though we've a... read more

[WEST WING] Posted January 5, 2017 (Thursday) -Jeremy G.

"A truly self-sacrificing act usually involves some sacrifice." – Atwood

From the time I first began to study writing – heck, since the time I was first able to hold a book between my pudgy little fingers – I discovered that all good stories are based in conflict and resolution. Conflict creates a plot, drives the characters... read more

[WEST WING] Posted January 3, 2017 (Tuesday) -Jeremy G.
"You know, I'm not the enemy." – Walken

It begins tensely, tautly. The camera pans over several broadcasting reporters, each rattling off the breaking news that Walken is now the President. Then we make our way to the interior of the White House, where staffers worry about the future, given that Walken is now the President. Then... read more

[BLOG] Posted December 30, 2016 (Friday) -Jeremy G.

If you've spent a fair deal of time around the Internet, chances are you've gotten into the occasional online discussion. And if you've gotten into the occasional online discussion, chances are you've gotten into the occasional online… debate. Welcome to the club, my friend. Debating topics which interest us is what the Internet is made for. (I ... read more

[BLOG] Posted December 27, 2016 (Tuesday) -Jeremy G.

Though I do watch and write about television quite a bit, I'm not much when it comes to filmgoing. I enjoy TV largely for its longevity, which allows viewers to get to know characters and environments, bit by bit, over (hopefully) extended periods of time. Film, on the other hand, usually constitutes a one-and-done deal, so I find myself less will... read more

[BLOG] Posted December 20, 2016 (Tuesday) -Jeremy G.

How do you define "Peak TV"?

At the forefront, the term refers to the fact that there have never been as many shows on American television as there are right now. (Close to 500 shows aired – either on television or one of the Internet's numerous streaming sites – at some point in the past year.) Peak TV is also, as of this writing, the perfect... read more

[WEST WING] Posted December 7, 2016 (Wednesday) -Jeremy G.

"It's… just a political reality." – Josh

Ah, that final shot.

That final shot is an evocative one for a number of reasons, not least because it represents the final moments of The West Wing that Aaron Sorkin himself ever gave us. Though the last three seasons (and the final one in particular) certainly have their streng... read more

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