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[WEST WING] Posted June 22, 2016 (Wednesday) -Jeremy G.

"Is it me, or is this getting harder?" – Donna

She is the most well-developed and recognizable of the White House secretaries. She is as loyal to the President as any of the staffers who outrank her. She is one-half of The West Wing's greatest vaudeville duo, a necessary verbal sparring partner to the show's most sanctimo... read more

[WEST WING] Posted June 15, 2016 (Wednesday) -Jeremy G.
"When you get home tonight, you're going to be confronted by the instinct to drink alone. Trust that instinct." – Toby

Holiday episodes are an annual reliability for seasonal television shows, and The West Wing is no exception. Most of the yearly holidays, however, seem to come and go on this series depending on whether t... read more

[WEST WING] Posted June 8, 2016 (Wednesday) -Jeremy G.
"Of the things I don't care about, I put you right up front." – CJ

The two-month period that exists between Election and Inauguration Day is never the most exciting time of the political year. During this transitional period, America essentially languishes "between terms," fully committing to neither the former governmental body... read more

[WEST WING] Posted June 1, 2016 (Wednesday) -Jeremy G.
"There aren't any turns." – Toby

For all the complaints I've leveled at the fourth season's reelection arc, they can all be easily traced back to the single issue of squandered potential – how what could have been one of the most pivotal arcs of the series was tossed aside under the pretense that "Audiences can guess the endin... read more

[FILM] Posted May 20, 2016 (Friday) -Jeremy G.

"Man, it must be nice being the good guy." – Ralph

If you're of a certain age, you may remember a time when electronic gaming consoles weren't just a dime-a-dozen. A time when kids would regularly head into town with a bagful of quarters, eager to spend a few hours with Pac-Man and Donkey Kong and Centipede and Space Invaders. A... read more

[BLOG] Posted May 15, 2016 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.

I like the fifth season of Justified.

I know plenty of people find it to be dull and disappointing. I know it's considered by many to be the major sore spot in what is otherwise one of this decade's most beloved dramas. But I like it.

Okay, let me clarify: When I say I like the fifth season of Justified, I mean that I like it ... read more

[WEST WING] Posted April 18, 2016 (Monday) -Jeremy G.
"You're not going to win, so you can't lose." – Amy

In addition to complex stories, engaging characters, and palpable atmospheres, modern quality TV is widely identified by its use of episodic follow-up. The increase in serialization has allowed story and emotional content to spill out beyond the confines of the individual episo... read more

[BLOG] Posted April 4, 2016 (Monday) -Jeremy G.

Late last November, Netflix released the entire first season of Jessica Jones, its newest Marvel Comics-based series, for public viewing. That same day, Amazon Prime unveiled the full premiere season of The Man in the High Castle to any and all of its subscribers. Ever the diligent viewer, I consumed The Man in the High Castle... read more

[BLOG] Posted March 31, 2016 (Thursday) -Jay
"Computers aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing." - Joe

"Screw the dance. I want to change the music." - Cameron

Nostalgia has long been something that I've had a vexed relationship with. Being that our culture is so reliant upon it for the production of new material, there's a desire to se... read more

[BLOG] Posted March 24, 2016 (Thursday) -Jeremy G.

I don't enjoy reducing my life to simple declarations. Many people I know have a motto, a line by which they live their life – but I've never been content with compressing the essence of my goals/views/emotions down to a single statement. (This may explain why I constantly find myself changing my signature over on the forums.) A large part of th... read more

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