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[BLOG] Posted October 1, 2015 (Thursday) -Jeremy G.
"We're at war for the hearts and minds of the jury." – Theodore Hoffman

No matter how busy the television industry gets, churning out hundreds of shows each year in order to capitalize on every possible appeal factor, patterns still pop up. In the last couple of years, for example, we've had a craze for season-long mysteries. Look... read more

[WEST WING] Posted September 13, 2015 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.
"Everybody cares about motive, Mr. President." – Joey

To call The West Wing a descriptively written series would be not merely an honest observation, but a near-criminal understatement. Aaron Sorkin loves descriptive writing, and whether it's a character firing off his own lengthy résumé or reciting the history of an ob... read more

[WEST WING] Posted September 6, 2015 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.
"There's got to be some way we're screwing them over." – Josh

The higher you climb, the harder you fall. That was the thought that kept popping into my mind as I sat down once again with "H. Con-172". And as a story-encompassing sentiment, it's not too far off from an actual line Bartlet invokes midway through the episode... read more

[WEST WING] Posted August 30, 2015 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.
"Too high, and it'll chip when you drop it. Chip the ice, and it'll melt too fast in the scotch." – Leo

The face of The West Wing – the bedrock on which its foundation is built, and through which many of its themes are most tellingly executed – is Jed Bartlet. The veritable dream President, Bartlet is the literary ins... read more

[WEST WING] Posted August 23, 2015 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.

"You wanna get hit over the head?" – Amy

It's with no small amount of displeasure that I sit down to write about "The Women of Qumar". Not every West Wing episode up to this point has been great, to be sure, but even the weaker ones have managed to work on at least a few substantial levels. Not so in this case. "The Women... read more

[WEST WING] Posted August 16, 2015 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.
"There's absolutely nothing I can do for you." – CJ

Straw-men. Mustache-twirlers. One-dimensional. These words and more can be justifiably used to describe many of the antagonists Bartlet and company face on a regular basis. I'm not even singling out the Republican characters here – even the battles between the left and the fa... read more

[DEKALOG] Posted August 13, 2015 (Thursday) -guttersnipe
"Everyone has his reasons." - Jean Renoir

When discussions about the greatest television series arise (as they are wont to do), rarely are anthology series considered part of the upper echelon. One typical reason for this quite simple: qualitative inconsistency. Another is that the template for the anthology suggests that the stori... read more

[WEST WING] Posted August 9, 2015 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.
"A life is saved. A window's broken." - Abbey

The average script for an hour-long network drama runs about forty to fifty pages. Not so with The West Wing. Under Sorkin's pen, scripts typically exceed seventy pages, and it shows. Characters talk fast, and they talk constantly. The dialogue fuels the show – and we should al... read more

[BLOG] Posted August 5, 2015 (Wednesday) -Jeremy G.
"You guys really wouldn't hurt me. Because that would be so clichéd. (Gets picked up.) Oh, I guess you're fans of the cliché." – Seth

What is the subtle distinction between good television and quality television? Do you draw the line at cable-produced prestige dramas? Do you expand the gap to include high-profile network serie... read more

[WEST WING] Posted August 2, 2015 (Sunday) -Jeremy G.

"Green Bay lost. She was nine years old." – Bartlet

The West Wing is not, nor will it ever be mistaken for, an antihero drama. (That is, unless you happen to be a super-right-winger.) In a fact that's become more clear in recent years, it is an exception to most great 21st-century great dramas, which focus on the darker asp... read more

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